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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION. 1. Field of the Invention . This invention relates to method and apparatus for pumping concrete to elevated heights and is especially useful for continuously lifting flowable concrete mix to forms used in the fabrication of annular structures such as concrete …

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CONTINUOUS CONCRETE MIXER: CCM 200 E The CCM 200 E is a high quality high capacity easy-to-operate Continuous Concrete Mixer that has automatic water control and is mounted on a four-way skid. The CCM 200 E machine addresses all of the technical and practical concerns associated with mixing high quality concrete in. Get Price

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Mar 22, 2019 · Concrete pumps are a convenient way to pump concrete, as they allow you to deliver the concrete exactly where you need it, rather than requiring you to try to continuously reposition a heavy cement mixer or haul concrete from the mixer to the delivery site.

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Tower cranes or hoists are used to transport the ready-mixed concrete from the mixer or silo to the framework. The size and height of certain structures may also require the use of concrete pumps for conveying and placing the ready-mixed concrete. There are pumps which lift the concrete …

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Feb 02, 2016 · The concrete pump used for the experiments at Ghent University was a truck-mounted piston pump (Schwing P2023), capable of delivering a maximum pressure of 95 bar, or a maximum flow rate of 41.5 l/s. The working action of the pump is as follows: two cylinders with a volume of 83.1 l each alternately pull concrete from the hopper and push

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concrete is discharged from the mixer, which in turn, feeds the concrete pump itself and finally the delivery pipelines through which the concrete is delivered. o Pumps are available in a variety of sizes, capable of delivering concrete. o Pump with pipeline: • Stationary pump …


The continuous flow from a concrete pump means less waiting around. The crane can perform other tasks. Instead of lifting buckets of concrete up and down, the crane can be employed to deliver steelwork, scaffolding, formwork and all the other necessary building material to where it needs to be. Concrete placed straight where you want it.

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A stationary concrete mixing drum - SCMD transit mixer for production & transportation of the concrete is provided. The mixer has a stationary concrete mixing drum with a top open (3) and two different sets of spirals mounted on a single shaft. The larger diameter spirals are called the discharging spirals & the smaller diameter spirals are called the mixing spirals.

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Feb 24, 2020 · A concrete pump is used to transport concrete from one place to another with a pipe. In which steel pipe is used. The diameter of a steel pipe is 15 to 20 cm. Maximum Aggregate Size 7. This method is more convenient for tunneling lining.

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Feb 13, 2018 · Abstract: A washout bucket which receives waste water and concrete material washed from equipment used to deliver concrete material from the mixing drum of a cement mixer truck to a desired location on a job site, is used in cooperation with a tag axle assembly pivotally mounted on a rear end of the truck to recover the concrete material washed

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Concrete Boom Pump Truck Concrete boom pump truck is a kind of machinery, which is transformed on the basis of truck chassis, uses continuous pressure to pump concrete along the pipeline. It is composed of the pump and delivery tube. Truck Mounted Concrete Pump Truck mounted concrete pump combines the superiority of trailer-mounted concrete

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Very little is known about the relative mixing efficiencies of the various types of mixers, but some evidences are there to suggest that pan mixers with a revolving star of blades are more efficient. They are specially suitable for stiff and lean mixes, which present difficulties with most other types of mixers, mainly due to sticking of mortar in the drum.

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It's an epic tale about the strategic use of people and pump s to pour 248,122 cubic yards of concrete to create a nine-story, all-concrete office building in Washington, D.C. The D.C. Underground As of July '94, contractors had placed nearly two-thirds of the concrete necessary for the new Federal Triangle Building … and had just reached

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Batch mixing concrete is very similar to manual method or using one bagger mixer, except for a few things: 1. Logistics. a) Ingress. You must be able to stockpile the basic ingredients for concrete (cement, sand, gravel). Once you start batch mixi

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A pump for concrete or other moist flowable material containing aggregate, At or near their uppermost travel the buckets dump their contents onto inclined chutes which deliver the concrete to the tops of the charging chambers, thus refilling whichever of the chambers is open at any given time. Means are provided for guiding concrete mix

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Answer: Segregation may occur during mixing and transit or pouring and placing (handling) of concrete. The foremost condition to avoid segregation is homogeneous mix i.e. design of the mix should be accurate. Quality assurance is required to ensure that sources of cement, aggregate, water and ad

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Mar 16, 2015 · The technology for transferring concrete from a ready-mix truck to the forms built on the site before the pump was developed was a bucket. I'll add a closeup of a bucket when I come across one in the construction photos I took this summer. Sometimes a bucket is still used with a crane.